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Is file encryption software really reliable? File encryption software introduction


The universal Internet brings endless convenience to work and life, and it is no exception in data security. Many people look for file encryption software on the Internet. They found it, and they still have a lot. The question is how are these softwares known as "artifacts" and "masters" effective? Are file encryption software masters really reliable? In this issue, let's introduce file encryption software.

File encryption software introduction

File encryption software, as its name implies, is to encrypt and protect files. In fact, file encryption does not appear today. The encryption that comes with the Windows system, as well as the encryption provided by the package software, existed very early. However, because of the complicated operation path and insufficient security level, it failed to meet the needs of users. As data security becomes more and more important for the entire society, a large number of file encryption softwares have emerged on the Internet. Most of them are known as “masters” and “artifacts”. These software names are different, but the principle is basically the same - all use a common encryption algorithm to encrypt the file. Compared with the former two encryption methods, file security is achieved by setting a password for the file in advance and entering a password when opening the file. The difference is in higher security.

Obviously, these stand-alone file encryption software still has some limitations. For example, the password is set by the user, and there is a possibility that the password is short. After the password is set, it will remain unchanged unless it is modified; the password is saved on the local machine and is easily cracked. In addition, after the file is encrypted, it is stored on a device. If it is to be shared internally, it must be decrypted or the password of the other party must be decrypted. This creates a risk of leakage.

Security is a must, but it must also take into account efficiency and must not affect work. Professional file encryption software comes into being. For example, Rui information encryption software, the system is based on BS and CS architecture. Data leaving the internal security environment of the enterprise is invalid. When the client is turned on, the user does not need to set a password, and there is no need to enter a password to open the file. In terms of image, deploying this file encryption software, the entire company is like being in a transparent security shell. Encrypted files are freely circulated and shared internally, and work habits are as usual.


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