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Failed to apply for a credit card but was told to join the “blacklist of untrusted letters” due to overdrafts

Years ago, Wang Jun (a pseudonym) attending a college in Maanshan encountered an annoyance: he had never applied a bank credit card, but he was on a blacklist because of overdraft of the credit card.

After receiving a report from Wang Jun, the civil police of the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Yushan Public Security Bureau in Maanshan City initially concluded that this was a case of fraudulent use of other people’s identity information for credit card purchases. After investigation, the police quickly locked the target and arrested the suspect Huo. Huo, who runs a typing and copy shop near Wang Jun’s colleges, archived his personal information in the process of copying ID cards and related materials for Wang Jun. Afterwards, Huo Mou made someone use Wang Qian’s identity information to apply for a credit card with an amount of RMB 20,000 for personal use.

Zero Information indicated that college students need to keep a copy of their ID cards in order to participate in various types of examinations outside the school and apply for mobile phone cards in their studies and life. Because college students are not deeply involved in the world and their vigilance is relatively low, the use of identity cards is often neglected.

Provide a copy of the ID card to be marked, use blue or black handwriting to indicate the use, such as marked on the "This copy is only for mobile phone card use, and then copy invalid." ID card copy is best divided into three lines Write, draw a horizontal line at the end of each line, but the handwriting should not suppress the key information on the ID card.

Zero Information's Zhirui Enterprise Data Security System has a watermark function, and the printed documents can be customized with watermark characters. This reminds everyone that years ago, various kinds of information leakage happened around us, hoping that everyone from the hardware or software side Be guarded against!


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