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National Security Education Day Information Security Raiders


April 15, 2017 is China's second national security education day. General Secretary Xi Jinping once pointed out that it is necessary to build a national security system that integrates political security, homeland security, military security, economic security, cultural security, social security, scientific and technological security, information security, ecological security, resource security, and nuclear safety.

In recent years, with the increasing fraud in telecommunication networks and the leaking of data, information security issues have become more and more prominent. To build a national security system, it is necessary to maintain good information security. Before the relevant laws and regulations of the government are further improved, we must understand which channels are most likely to cause the leakage of personal information and how to do a good job of personal protection and guard work.


During the two sessions, the Ministry of Public Security announced that it had cracked a case of extraordinarily stealing personal information from the sale of citizens and seized 96 criminal suspects. It initially seized 5 billion pieces of personal information involving various types of stolen citizens, including logistics, medical care, social networking, and banking. How did this criminal gang stole up to 5 billion citizens' personal information? After reporting on this case by various media such as CCTV, People's Daily Online, Xinhua News Agency, and Tencent, the methods used by criminal gangs were as follows:

Hacking. Which website is famous, attack it. In late March, the resume of a famous website is the best example.

Stealing inside. Criminals are lurking inside the company. After a period of time to gain trust, they steal the core data of the website. After the success, they leave the company and continue to apply for the next well-known website. In the first half of March, the case of internal ghosts leaked from a website fully proved this.

Hit the library. Through technical means, the large amount of personal data obtained has been collated and built to expand database resources, which in turn has provided support for the attacks on other Internet companies.

Zero Information Security experts pointed out in particular: At present, many Internet companies do not regulate when acquiring personal information. For example, a large number of APPs are privately acquiring personal information that is unrelated to their functions. In addition, many Internet companies have their own businesses. The value does not properly protect the user's personal information. For example, the user information is stored without password, or there is no internal employee rights management, and desensitization and harmless use. Both of these conditions also create conditions for the leakage of personal information.

Zero Information Security Experts pointed out the relevant guardian information security strategy targeted to allow netizens to learn to arm themselves. Armed with information security basic armed strategy learn:

Develop good online habits, reduce unnecessary personal privacy display on various social platforms, and regularly modify social account passwords, do not click unfamiliar links at random, not in security-unknown web interface, including questionnaires or online test pages Feel free to fill in your personal information;

Download official mobile payment APPs, tools, games, and other mobile apps through regular secure channels. Do not install software of unknown origin, especially the download address attached to the text message.

Use WiFi hotspots in public places with caution. Avoid online shopping and online banking operations when connecting to public WiFi;

Put an end to the bad habits of seeing code;

Install mobile security software to encrypt important electronic files stored in the phone.

Information security will not only touch personal privacy, but leakage of key data will hinder the rapid development of the company. Data is the lifeblood of any company. Important data, such as design documents, library resources, confidential basic data, achievement data, and employee files, etc. Once leaked, it is bound to cause serious damage. How companies protect "information assets" has become a top priority for data security.

Where are the sources of data security threats? According to statistics, of all data loss incidents, viruses, Trojans, worms, and hackers accounted for only 21%, while internal employees caused leakage and other causes accounted for 79%. Nearly 80% of the data protection measures taken by SMEs are limited to the installation of anti-virus software and firewalls, which means that there is no protection against 79% of the security threats. This situation should cause every enterprise to pay attention!

Effective solution. In fact, the disclosure of personal information is good, corporate data leakage is worth mentioning, can use technical means to protect information security. There is also a good anti-leakage security encryption software in China, such as the data security guard system DGS. This company's DGS, the overall data security and data management solution, can provide all-life security protection and effective management for all types of electronic documents of the company, and solve any intentional or unintentional information leakage within the company. Files in the entire life cycle (including the creation, browsing, editing, archiving, distribution, destruction, etc.) are under the protection of the DGS system. In the DGS environment, electronic files can operate normally. If they are illegally brought out of the DGS environment, the electronic Documents are not available, thus ensuring the security of electronic documents at the source. Ensure that company's important data is used safely under management control and is not illegally accessed; data files cannot be opened after the terminal is illegally acquired, and the entire life cycle management of electronic documents is implemented, thereby protecting the company's confidential data files.

With the advent of the information age, data and information have gradually become the business foundation and lifeblood of all walks of life. Only by continuously improving their own security awareness and improving data protection concepts and measures can they steadily progress in the fierce competition in the information age.


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