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Laoganma’s commercial secrets were stolen Suspects were departed

In May 2016, Laoganma staff found that a product produced by another local food processing company had a high degree of similarity to the product of the Laodag mother brand. The incident caused the Laoganma Company to be vigilant. The relevant personnel of the company believe that this phenomenon is likely to reveal the leakage of major trade secrets. On November 8, 2016, Laoganma Company went to the Economic Investigation Team of Nanming Branch of Guiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau to report that it was suspected that the company’s major commercial secrets had been stolen.

After receiving the report, the Nanming Economic Investigation Brigade attached great importance. The investigators purchased from the market another brand of similar products suspected of stealing laoganma’s trade secrets and sent them to a forensic appraisal center. The result of the appraisal was that the product contained “Laoganma”. The manufacturing technology of similar products was not for the public. Know the technical information.

According to the investigation, enterprises suspected of stealing such technologies have never been involved in this field and have no such research and development capabilities. Laoganma has never transferred the manufacturing technology of such products to any enterprise or individual. From this, it can be concluded that someone has illegally disclosed and used Laoganma's trade secrets.

In view of the seriousness of the case, Nanming Economic Investigation Brigade made a special report to the head of the branch. The branch leaders heard the news and immediately instructed the Economic Investigation Team to set up a special task force to organize the elite forces and make multiple measures and conduct careful investigations to find out the true identity and place of the suspects as soon as possible.

After a lot of understanding and careful investigation, the investigators finally focused their attention on Jiamou’s departure from the company. From 2003 to April 2015, Jia Mou served as Laoganma's quality technician, engineer, etc., and mastered the company's proprietary technology, production processes and other core confidential information. In November 2015, Jia Mou took a pseudonym as a cover and served in another local food processing company, engaged in work related to quality technology management.

In the case of alleged disclosure of trade secrets, a large amount of evidence exists in the form of electronic documents, and the evidence is generally carried around. Based on this clue, the investigators investigated and seized according to law the mobile hard disk and the electronic evidence contained in Jiamou’s car, and found a lot of internal data concerning Laocen Ma’s commercial secrets in their desktop computers. It also confirms the judgment of the investigators.

During his tenure of office, Jiamou signed a “Contract Restriction and Confidentiality Agreement” with Laoganma Company, stipulating that Jiamou must maintain the company’s trade secrets during and after his work and that he cannot engage in similar business and direct competition. Business activities.

Since November 2015, Jia Mou has used the business secrets that Laogan Ma has learned and learned in the production and operation of another food processing company, and has produced it in an attempt to evade legal restrictions and sanctions.

Pursuant to Article 219 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, there are violations of the stipulations or violations of the rights holder's requirements concerning the protection of commercial secrets, and the disclosure, use, or permission of others to use the trade secrets they possess, and the right to trade secrets Those who have caused heavy losses and have caused particularly serious consequences shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years and shall be fined.

At present, the suspect Jiamou has been detained by criminals for allegedly infringing commercial secrets.

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