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Encryption software industry development status

In view of the current development status of the encryption software industry, Zhi Rui Information analyzes the market demand of the industry from the following perspectives, including the scale of user consumption and year-on-year growth; product structure; market distribution; and user research.

Market share can be used as an indicator to analyze the structure of encryption software, including segmented encryption software products and after-sales services to analyze the competitive landscape.

In terms of subdivided products, there is an encrypted series of information, so that companies and individuals have a real security protection in information security. The main series of the company are data security, encryption of documents, and encryption of important computer data. .

The frequency of most software users buying encryption software and the speed of replacement are fast. With technological changes and industry innovations, encryption software has also had a certain impact, such as: during the period of the encryption software itself, but also the information security of enterprises Pay attention to the degree of change. From the point of view of the user's buying channels, the channels for users to purchase encrypted software generally come from online or local agents' final visits.

The development trend of the encryption software industry represents hardware-free, network-based, and information-based, so the principles and methods of encryption software are particularly important when purchasing encryption software. At present, the most popular encryption software adopts the form of transparent encryption and decryption to encrypt the files in the hardware, thereby protecting computer file encryption and data security. This is a transparent encryption/decryption technology that is used by Zhi Rui Information. For users, users do not feel the existence of encryption software, but once there is “other intent”, we know that Rui encryption software will block the export and let important data Can not spread, spread out, even through third-party social software can not be transmitted.

The development trend of the encryption software industry is also closely related to the development trend of the software industry. With the popularity of cloud computing and saas, the development of the software industry is also shifting toward the form of information and networking. It can be predicted that there will be no need for installation and maintenance of cryptographic software licensed products in the future, which is cost-effective and easy to use. The authorization mode is also flexible and can be authorized according to the modules of time, times, functions, etc., or authorized by verifying the username and password.

The development of the encryption software industry is in full swing. Zero Information will uphold a company that provides data security to provide enterprises with comprehensive solutions for data security and information management!


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