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"Express Provisional Regulations" commented on neglect of data security or revocation of license

On July 24, 2017, the Legal Affairs Office of the State Council publicly solicited opinions on the Provisional Regulations for Delivery (Draft for Comment). Industry insiders believe that this express industry's first high-profile subjective legal document has a landmark significance. The opinion draft has a lot of ink on personal information security. Severe disclosure of information may even revoke business licenses. The express delivery industry should clearly understand that ignoring data security will make crisis companies survive.

The Opinions clearly stipulate that the enterprises operating the express delivery service shall establish express delivery note and electronic data management systems, properly maintain electronic data such as user information, regularly destroy express delivery orders, and adopt effective technical means to ensure the safety of user information.

If the company that runs the express delivery service fails to establish the express waybill and electronic data management system in accordance with the regulations, does not regularly destroy the express waybill, sells, divulges, or illegally provides user information that was known during the express service, the order is issued by the postal administrative department. Corrections, confiscation of illegal income, and imposed a fine of 10,000 yuan up to 50,000 yuan; serious circumstances, punishable by a fine of 50,000 yuan up to 100,000 yuan, and can be ordered to suspend business for rectification until its courier business license.

According to the above provisions, we can see that the law requires that express delivery companies must assume the obligation to protect user information security, and put forward system and technical requirements. The penalty for illegality is unprecedented. In the future, the express delivery company will not be able to prevent data leakage, and it is likely that the license will be revoked due to data security problems.

The regulations require express delivery companies to "take effective technical measures to ensure the safety of user information." So, what technology can effectively protect user data security? Most security experts suggest that we should actively use cutting-edge data anti-leakage technology.

Zero Data Anti-leakage Solution is a kind of security technology that prevents enterprises' designated data or information assets from flowing out of the enterprise in the form of violating the security policy through certain technical means. Data leakage prevention technology originated in the United States has been developed in China for many years. Domestic security vendors have developed characteristic data security products—encryption software—according to national conditions and corporate needs. Currently, encryption software is widely used in the market, especially for corporate customers such as finance, telecommunications, and industry.

What is the protection effect of Zero encryption software? First of all, Zero encryption software can automatically encrypt all files in the daily office. Encrypted files are always protected during circulation and cannot be opened without permission. Hackers and insider theft cannot reveal secrets. Encryption software can also restrict copy, screen capture, printing, and outbound operations to further ensure data security. Not only that, cryptographic software can also track down the source by fully documenting all operational behaviors, early detection of threat events. Under the strict data leakage prevention system, the overall situation of data security is always under control.

The issue of data security is no longer a simple economic loss. It is even related to business continuity. The express delivery industry should take active actions to deploy encryption software as soon as possible to ensure the security of user data. For details, please visit the official website to understand the experience!


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