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How to encrypt files on your computer? Computer File Encryption Software Operation Introduction

Among the many tools that protect corporate data security, computer file encryption software has been adopted by more and more people. The protection of files by computer file encryption software is beyond doubt. So how do you encrypt files on your computer? In this issue, let's introduce the encryption of computer file encryption software.

Computer File Encryption Software Operation Introduction

Let's take a look at information encryption software as an example to see how computer file encryption software encrypts files on a computer. There are two main ways. In the first method, the user logs in to the client for the first time after installing the computer file encryption software, and the system automatically performs full disk encryption. That is, the system encrypts all files on the computer. No user action is required during this process. Depending on the number of files on your computer, the time for full disk encryption varies. In the second way, after the client is started, the user creates or opens a file, edits and saves the file, and the file is encrypted. In this process, users are still following the original habits of creating, editing, and saving documents, and files are automatically encrypted. Since the login client, the system's encryption protection is automatically turned on. For users who want to perform personalized encryption operations according to their needs, this computer file encryption software also provides manual operation functions. Select one or more files/folders and right-click on the Encryption option. All files are encrypted instantly.

File encryption operation

The above is the encryption operation of computer file encryption software, which is just one of the basic functions. For more intelligent features, please visit the official website of for free experience.


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