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The introduction of security protection in the era of big data

"In the era of big data, it is urgent to solve problems such as data security and personal information protection while fully tapping and exploiting the value of big data." Shi Xiansheng, deputy secretary-general of the China Internet Association, pointed out at the number of fairs in Guiyang. “Big data security threats penetrate all aspects of the big data industry such as data production, circulation, and consumption, including various sources of data sources, big data processing platforms, and big data analytics services. These are the threat sources.” Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences The director of the Information Institute Hui Zhibin analyzed with reporters that the risk factors of big data security incidents are complex and intertwined. There are both external attacks and internal leaks. There are both technical loopholes and management flaws. There are new risks triggered by new technology and new modes, and there are also The continuous triggering of traditional security issues. A data security researcher analyzes that enterprises must first improve their data security management capabilities, first recognize the level of their own data protection capabilities, and then make up for the shortcomings and shortcomings of the disease. This standard is aimed at the majority of companies and does not understand Or it is not clear about its own data security management capabilities. According to data security experts from the China International Big Data Industry Expo, at present, there are frequent data exchanges between all walks of life, businesses, and social organizations. Any leakage of data from one company may endanger other organizations at any time. “This is an overall issue, as long as it is Wherever there is data, safety mechanisms should be established.” Zhi Rui Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. specializes in providing enterprises with comprehensive solutions for data security and information management, helping enterprises solve their worries in the process of high-speed development of the company and protecting you. Escort, please visit to learn more!


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