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Facebook's record of thunder, how can data be safe?

Recently, Facebook was involved in a scandal. Foreign media exposed Facebook's more than 50 million user information data leaked by a company called "Cambridge Analysis". It was used in the 2016 U.S. presidential election to push advertisements to target audiences, thereby affecting the results of the election. . The news quickly triggered an uproar at home and abroad. In the era of data streaking, how should companies prevent the leakage of private data?

The event replays everything and only comes from the user's "like"

Cambridge Analytics has launched an app called "Personality Personality Test" on Facebook. Users can get a $5 reward after completing the test. Cambridge collects and analyzes users' "Like" information and passes "User Information - Model Analysis -" - The user's portrait - the process of fully understanding you - pushing information - influencing the results - pushes voters to promote their own news and news so that voters can be "brainwashed" slowly.

In-depth analysis of changing user line psychological variables through demographic data

Based on the data on the Internet, people's every move is recorded in a huge database. Big data can manipulate people's thinking and behavior. "You are the left brain or the right brain" "Test your luck" "Enter the name to see the amount of drink" and other small tests in our country's social software is common, user information is clicked to agree to "authorized login" is obtained, the platform can be obtained through The user information is used for big data analysis, depicting user portraits, parsing the user's name, occupation, behavioral habits, and even private information, such as sexual orientation, to develop targeted message push.

For example, an online shopping platform can push user-friendly products through user portraits, while social networking websites can push product advertisements that are of interest to users. Big Data is like your closest friend or partner, understand your tastes, familiarize yourself with your hobbies, and even interpret your likes and dislikes, inducing subtle changes and inducing changes in your thinking and behavior.

Solution How can data be safe when it comes to data erasing?

The "Facebook leak incident" sounded a warning to enterprises and users. Whether in the era of the PC, the era of the traditional Internet, the era of the mobile Internet, or the current era of the Internet of Everything, the illegal acquisition of user information has not stopped. How to effectively protect information security and prevent the leakage of private data is a common concern of all walks of life.

As the first data encryption company in China, Zero Information has formed a comprehensive and highly competitive product system through nearly a decade of research and development accumulation and market accumulation, based on data security as the core and independently controlled encryption protection technology. The research and development of "Zeirui DPG" is a leading data security and management software product series to solve business protection needs of enterprises and create the best security protection experience.

Zero Data Protection Guardian

Zero Information Protection Guardian System DPG adopts intelligent security analysis technology, operating system kernel technology, high-strength encryption algorithms, and flexible and easy-to-use security policies, which effectively solves the intentional or unintentional information leakage of legitimate users within the enterprise. DPG terminal data security protection, mobile terminal security protection, email sensitive data protection, data traceable watermark, print security control, content outbound management, document security management and other functions ensure that information security achieves global application effect.

● High-strength encryption algorithm

Zero Information focuses on data security and adopts domestically-produced SM9 encryption algorithms that have been incorporated into international standards to encrypt data to ensure that the data is fully protected;

● Active smart security analysis and encryption strategy

DPG realizes intelligent classification and intelligent compactness after analyzing and judging the data behavior trajectory through machine learning;

● Strict file export control

DPG's permissions for outgoing documents can be freely controlled: how many times do you want to see each other, how many days you can edit it, how many days you see it, and whether you can send it to others or not, and the owner of the file has the final say;

● Secure data source watermarking

Once the documents sent to other people are leaked, the DPG can trace who has leaked and trace back to the source. Whoever leaks the responsibility is responsible.

The comprehensive data security solution of Zhi Rui Information engages in pre-prevention, event control, and post-event auditing to protect the data throughout its life cycle.

Knowledge Information

Zero Information has developed into the backbone of data security. It covers 500+ sub-sectors such as smart manufacturing, industrial internet, party and government organizations, and key infrastructure. It has successfully deployed single-item installed capacity of 180,000 terminals and 30,000 mobile terminals. The biggest project. China's CSR, China FAW, Chang'an Automobile, PetroChina, and other Chinese brands you trust are all using Sharp's products and services.

In the digital industry process, the blow to security incidents will be fatal, and the war between cyber security and system loopholes will continue. Zero Information will always adhere to the mission of "making data safer" and its innovation-oriented development strategy to escort Digital China.


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