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Can I protect the shared file encryption software on the LAN? Introduction to Accurate Protection of File Encryption Software

The concept explanation of LAN and shareware has been introduced in the previous article “Do you have shared file encryption software for LANs? File encryption software can also share on LAN” and it will not be repeated here. So, this encryption software can protect the specific individual files in the LAN? The encryption protection granularity of the sharp information can be fine-grained to each file of each device. From here, it can be seen that this file encryption software protects specific files instead of installing content filtering devices at the exit of the internal network. It filters out content by setting filtering rules and keywords to prevent the leakage of sensitive data. . This is obviously more flexible and more targeted. This file encryption software can not only encrypt a single file, but also control and control the file during the entire process of creation, editing, and distribution. Internally, files can be freely circulated after being encrypted. Externally, you can choose to have an administrator approve it. Through this outbound control mechanism, documents can be safely sent to external partners. Not only that, the file encryption software can also accurately set everyone's rights to the middle of the shared folder, such as access, copy, print, screenshots, and so on. Everyone's operations on files in the shared folder are recorded so that the overall data security situation can be grasped in real time.


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