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Is there a file privacy encryption software? File encryption software introduction

After e-documentization, not only is it easier to communicate, but it is also more convenient to enter and save. Many people will store account passwords, identity card numbers, undisclosed information, and even pornographic photos in electronic files. Once these privacy-related documents are leaked, they will cause great harm. As a result, many people began to seek the protection of file encryption software. Is there a document privacy encryption software? In this issue, we will give a brief introduction.

File Privacy Encryption Software Introduction

To protect the privacy of documents, file encryption software is required to achieve reliable security. First, the file encryption software must provide sufficient strength of encryption protection. The file encryption software we recommend today is Sharp Information Encryption Software. After the file is encrypted, nobody can open it without permission. After deploying file encryption software, the entire enterprise or organization is like being in a giant security enclosure. Internally, all files are automatically encrypted and freely circulated internally. If you need to get out of the interior, you need to encrypt or ask the administrator for decryption. In addition, the system can accurately set the permissions of each person to control the personnel's operations such as copying, screen capture, and printing of files to prevent data leakage.

This file encryption software also has many user-friendly features designed to provide all-round protection for file privacy. Log in to the official website of and you can experience it for free.


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