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Is there any software that encrypts CAD files? File encryption software introduction

CAD technology is often used in manufacturing or industrial design industries. Most of the CAD files carry the design information of the company's products and the value is very high. Therefore, it is very important to protect the safety of design drawings. Is there software for encrypting CAD files? Today, we introduce a useful file encryption software for everyone.

CAD File Encryption Software Introduction

We want to introduce this file encryption software is known sharp encryption software. First of all, to provide encrypted protection for CAD files, it must be able to adapt, that is, compatible with CAD systems. Zhirui can support AutoCAD2007/2010/2013/2015/2016/2017 versions and can protect all kinds of CAD files. Not only supports various CAD file formats, but also supports mechanical design software such as 3D max, Solid Works, and Altium Designer.

Then, how does the file encryption software protect CAD files? After logging in to the client, the system automatically turns on protection. Users open the CAD system to edit, modify, save, and close files, and the files are encrypted. In this process, Zhi Rui will stay in the background and will not interfere with office work. The user still operates as usual, and the file is encrypted. Users can also manually encrypt the history files on the computer. Select one or more files (folders) and right-click on the "Encryption" option. All files (folders) are encrypted between seconds. It is worth mentioning that files can still be freely sent and shared within the enterprise after being encrypted. The files are sent and viewed internally as usual, but the files are always encrypted. The entire company is like being in a huge transparent protective layer. This file encryption software is not very magic? Above can log on the official website consulting experience oh.


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