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Is there computer document file encryption software? Computer File Encryption Software Introduction


The documents stored on the computer are generally classified into text, pictures, audio and video. If there are more detailed procedures and formats, there may be hundreds of types. How to encrypt and protect computer documents is a difficult problem. Computer file encryption software is a very cost-effective solution. In this issue, we introduce a computer file encryption software and talk about document encryption.

Computer File Encryption Software Introduction

Computer file encryption software must first support all types of programs and software that are mainstream in the market. In a modern office, the systems and tools used by each department are not the same. For example, the administrative departments all use document processing software such as office, and the design department may use graphic design software such as PS, CAD, and solid works. This requires that the computer file encryption software must be compatible with various systems, application software and file formats. What we recommend for everyone today is ZhiRui encryption software. It can support almost all file types and formats on the market, and can protect all office-used data such as scheme drawings, meeting records, planning solutions, recording videos, etc., and prevent hackers, commercial spies, and employees from leaking without reducing work efficiency. Leakage of commercial data caused by such acts will prevent economic losses caused by data leakage to government and enterprise units.

For these documents with different formats, the computer file encryption software can be encrypted and protected “in the same way”. Let's take a look at the cryptographic operation of the document. After logging in to the client, the system automatically turns on encryption protection. The user works in accordance with normal usage habits, such as creating a new file or opening a picture. After normal editing, modification, and saving operations, the file is encrypted. Computer file encryption software is amazing, and even more powerful. After the document is encrypted, it can still be freely transferred and viewed internally, just as it was before encryption. However, this is just an analogy. In fact, the file is always kept in an encrypted state, so it will not be leaked and belongs to the state of transparent encryption. You can log in to the official website consulting experience oh.


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