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Is there a file encryption software for the hard disk? File encryption software recommended


There is no doubt that computers are still the primary tool for corporate office. A lot of business transactions are stored on the computer hard drive. Careful protection must be provided to the files on the hard disk. File encryption software is a very cost-effective way. What software is there for encrypting files on hard disks? Today, we recommend a file encryption software.

Hard disk file encryption software recommended

The file encryption software we want to recommend is Sharp Information Encryption Software. It can encrypt and protect various types of files on the market, including all the commonly used office data such as plan drawings, meeting records, planning solutions, recording videos, etc. It can prevent hacker attacks, commercial espionage, and employee disclosure without reducing work efficiency. Leakage of business data caused by behaviors, thereby preventing economic losses caused by data leakage to government-owned enterprises.

Below, we take a look at how this file encryption software encrypts the files on the hard disk. After logging in to the Intel® Rui Rui client, if you log in for the first time, the system can perform full disk encryption, and all the historical files on the hard disk will be automatically encrypted. After the encryption is complete, a lock-like logo appears on the file icon, indicating that the file has been encrypted. According to the number of files, the encryption time is different. After logging in to the client, the system will automatically turn on encryption protection. Users work in accordance with the original habits, and Intel does not interfere in the background. This encryption protection is automatic and transparent. The user creates a new file, saves it after editing, and the file is encrypted. File encryption software is so smart. In addition, users can also perform manual encryption. Select one or more files/folders and right-click the Encryption option. In the blink of an eye, all files or folders are encrypted.

File Encryption Operation

This file encryption software is not very worry and safe. If you need to make a deeper understanding of this file encryption software, log on to the official website ( for free experience.


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