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What encryption software is used to protect computer files? Computer File Encryption Software Introduction

In daily office work, the number of picture files has increased and even exceeded the text, and more and more people use pictures to communicate with the business. How to protect so many picture files stored in the computer? Encryption software is a good method. What encryption software is used to protect computer files? Today, we introduce a computer file encryption software.

Computer File Encryption Software Introduction

The format of the pictures is varied, and there are many types of software for drawing and retouching, and there are many versions. Therefore, computer file encryption software needs to be compatible with various types of graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop and other image processing software, as well as product design software such as 3D MAX, AutoCAD, and Solid Works. Today we introduce the computer file encryption software - Zhi Rui information encryption software will be able to very well compatible with all types of image file formats on the market.

Not only is it fully compatible, computer file encryption software also needs to provide simple operations and strong security. Zhi Rui encryption software is very simple to encrypt pictures. After logging into the client, the system's encryption protection is automatically turned on. The user creates a new picture file and saves it after editing. It will be encrypted. In other words, the user is automatically encrypted without additional operations. In addition, users can also perform manual operations according to their own needs. Select the file or folder that you want to encrypt. You can select one or more files. Right-click the Encrypt option and all files/folders will be encrypted.

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